Please check this website on July 1st for updated information about the 2018-2019 School Year. The information below, reflects our program for the previous school year. Although we don't expect any changes, we will post new information on July 1st. Thank You

The schools we service include:

Elementary Schools- Valrico Academy (there is no service this year for elementary schools in Fishhawk)

Middle Schools- Bell Creek

High Schools-  Bell Creek, Riverview

Fishhawk schools 2017-2018

At this time, we will not be offering school transportation for schools in Fishhawk.

Bell Creek and Valrico Academy MORNING SERVICE.

MORNING SERVICE is available for south Riverview only. There will not be any morning pick ups for places north of the school (north of Boyette Rd.)

For the upcoming school year, 2017-2018 MORNING TRANSPORATATION TO Bell Creek and Valrico Academy is  from pick up locations in south Riverview. There is no morning pick up for Fishhawk. We pick up in South Riverview, near Summerfield, Panther Trace and on Symmes Rd. The cost for morning transportation is $8 per ride.




Valrico Academy and Bell Creek Afternoon Service

The cost for transportation from Bell Creek or Valrico Academies to your home in one of our services towns is $8.00 per ride. If you ride in the morning and in the afternoon, this is considered 2 rides. 

Bell Creek Afternoon Pick up is at 2:45 and Valrico Academy is at 3:30

Afternoon Service Area Currently, we offer afternoon transportation home from  Bell Creek Academies to Lithia, Brandon, Valrico, and Riverview.  Home from Valrico Academy does not include Fishhawk, only Riverview, Brandon and Valrico. Our drivers will text you a message when your student is on the bus and again when the student is at their destination. Our service is door to door. The student is delivered directly to the address you requested. Our drivers wait to see that the student has gone into their home before leaving for the next drop off location.  Below is a map of our Current Service area for Afternoon Service.

Our Service area for Bell Creek and Valrico Academies

Riverview all adresses west of the school and south to Big Bend Rd and west to highway 301, including the communities along the western side of 301.  Riverview addresses close to Bell Shoals are included. Communities east of 301 and immediately south of Big Bend Rd are also included. No service at this time for Apollo Beach. No Service for addresses west of 301 and Bloomingdale.
Brandon - All areas in Brandon north of the school to Lumsden Rd and Providence and areas around the Brandon Hospital, The Brandon Library. No Service North of Lumsden
Valrico - All areas  to highway 60 and the communities that are along highway 60. No addresses north of 60.
Lithia -Only for Bell Creek. NO Service for Valrico Academy to Lithia. Our buses go as far as Park Square, including Starling. No service to phase 1, Fishhawk Trails, or Channing Park or south on Boyette past Shadow Run.



don't see your neighborhood in our service area?
If we currently do not offer service to your neighborhood but you would like us to consider adding a route  please use this contact form to give us your information.
New Route Request

How It Works



If you are unsure if your address is in our service area, call us at 813-406-8294 or fill out our contact form here.

To use this service you must be registered on our website. Once registered, you will need to add your passenger information. Reservations may be made up to TWO hours before it is needed, or made for future dates in advance You may pay for each reservation as you make it, or purchase a multiple ride package which places ride credits in your account. Ride credits are stored and only used when you make a reservation. They do not have to be used immediately.

Cost: $8.00 If you purchase a ride package in advance the ride credits stay in your account and are used when you make

Quick Facts

  • Afternoon Students are delivered directly to your home address. Our Driver waits to see that each passenger gains access to your home. 
  • Parents are sent text messages when we are about to arrive, again when we have picked up your student and once more when your passenger has safely reached their destination. 
  • Ride credits are stored in your account and 1 credit is deducted each time you make a reservation. 
  • Our drivers are FBI background checked, finger printed at the county jail, licensed through Hillsborough county, drug tested, and their drivers license has been been checked for the past 15 years. Each driver wears a photo id badge issued by Hillsborough County.

 What must you do to Start?

  1. You must register on our website ahead of time. Once Registered, add your passenegers. There is no cost to do this. Register Here
  2. Then purchase a package of rides. Ride “Credits” are stored in your account and used when you make a reservation. No need to use credits all at once.
  3. Next, Start making your reservations. Reservations can be made today for the upcoming school year.
    When making a reservation, you put in the destination address you would like us to bring your student to.
  4. You will get a confirmation email once you make a reservation.
  5. You will receive another email the night before of your morning reservation and around noon of the same day for afternoon reservations.
  6. Our drivers will text you a message 5 minutes before arrival, again when your student is on the bus and again when the student is at their destination. If you want your home phone to ring, just select "Notify with Voice Message"